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Nautical Metalworks 

Our experience and effort to grow everyday, let us create our Nautical Division, where we create, with the best details, all pieces and accessories you may need. Stairs, Platforms, Candlesticks, Masts, furniture or special parts, are some of the components that we make for this demanding and technical sector…all a  challenge for us.



We build your custom boat´s railings.

Doors & Windows

We manufacture Doors & Windows, Sliding Doors, Foldings and rotatings…everything customized for your boat.

Miscellaneous Elements

We build any element you may need for your boat.

Custom Furniture

We manufacture your custom furniture to fit perfectly where you need.


We build platforms of any type, customized.

Control Panels

We build your customized control panel with all elements you need.


We can manufacture all kind of stairs for your boat.

Boats Repairments

We can repair any element to leave your boat as new.